About Witchy Wench

Witchy Wench was created the very first day of Virgo season in 2017. This is a very particular energy which encompasses service to others, attention to detail, hard work and a strong sense of responsibility. Her Sun (self), Moon (mind) and Mercury (communication) are all in Virgo…so attention to detail, analytics and service to others are all her strong points. Her ascendant is in Libra, which gives her a wonderful social grace, desire for justice and  flair for beauty!

Her Moon is in the 12th house, which is the house of the occult…so this is where her mind lies. Makes perfect sense, doesn’t it? She was born to serve people in the occult realm. Her Sun (self) and Mars (drive) are in the 11th house of community, bringing like-minded people into one place! Her power is gaining strength with each new day as she comes into her own, bringing people together from all over the world.

Witchy Wench is here to offer a place for all artists, craftspeople, resellers and service people to bring their wares, knowledge and services into one place where everyone is like-minded and interested in the occult and metaphysical world. She is the essence of the community, the mother, the protector and the one who is not afraid to put her head down and work hard…a true leader in every sense of the word. She is Witchy Wench and her Kingdom is open for all to prosper.